Emergency on Planet Earth: Mexico Earthquakes ‘Latest of Many’! https://t.co/SnmniZ8zvb - 25 Sep 2017, 0:59
To watch: a #powerful #earthquake in a vulnerable #location could yet topple a seemingly entrenched #government #edu https://t.co/VCEC7jFWsq - 25 Sep 2017, 0:56
Meanwhile, much recent #construction in #Istanbul may struggle to withstand the force of a serious #earthquake, which could affect millions - 25 Sep 2017, 0:53
Most notably, #China has built a number of #nuclear power plants in areas of high seismic activity - a catastrophe waiting to happen #edchat - 25 Sep 2017, 0:47
#Governments worldwide are not taking the matter of #emergency preparedness seriously, with horrifying results for civilian populations #edu - 25 Sep 2017, 0:38
The pair of deadly Mexican #earthquakes on 07/09/2017 (Puebla) and 19/07/2017 (Mexico City) constitute yet another warning to govt. agencies - 25 Sep 2017, 0:36
@TatjanaAp A terrific piece of film making with a top protagonist - and a BlackBerry Classic to boot 💯 - 23 Sep 2017, 0:41
RT @TatjanaAp: An artistic #shortfilm inspired by the poem "The Dry Salvages". Watch with sound on - excited to hear your feedback #Emmys20 - 23 Sep 2017, 0:38
Deep https://t.co/EHIlNxMiXL - 23 Sep 2017, 0:36
One of the world's most underrated central bankers: has done awesomely well within a very challenging #sanctions-de… https://t.co/JZphdeSKPG - 23 Sep 2017, 0:30

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